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Start-Up Checklist

Startup Checklist

Another gem from, one that couldn’t be timed better and a pretty accurate map of what the new project feels like.

And all the more interesting as we work on taking an established company that’s been through it  all – and transition it back to start-up mode.

So hustle, curiosity, passion, humility, intuition, patience, innovation, awareness, listening, determination, trust, loyalty – and yes, exhaustion? All that and then some…

And I really missed it and glad to be back, even if it means that some of the other ideas I had, and some travel plans, will have to be put on hold.

There is nothing like the challenge of working in start-up mode – a never ending stream of information to absorb, new concepts, new people, countless problems to be solved, creating something in real time, knowing something can always be improved, making calculated bets, doing the leaps and bounds thing, watching others get caught up in it – I’m not sure if I should seek professional help but I love it…  ;)

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